The globalization of financial markets has made asset diversification and managing portfolio risk more important than ever. Investors seeking a more sophisticated method of portfolio diversification have been turning to commodities. Futures contracts such as stock indices, debt instruments, currencies, energies, metals, and agricultural commodities offer an effective separate asset class to diversify an investor’s portfolio. In fact, studies have shown that a portfolio consisting solely of stocks and bonds may potentially have inferior performance and more risk than a portfolio that diversifies into commodity futures. The recent growth of automated futures trading systems offers investors a viable and low-maintenance approach to achieving such a diversification in commodities. At ICIBL, we actively trade in commodities and have developed a strong expertise in this area so as to be able to provide an additional area of investment to our clients. We believe in creating a culture where the needs of our clients always come first. By adhering to exemplary standards and conducting our business with excellence and integrity, we enhance our own reputation and cultivate the growth of our business. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in all aspects of our business.

Loan Requirements

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